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There"s a point in our lives when we somehow couldn"t think creatively and our minds just stop working. This roadblock typically happens when you"re practically the same things over and over again.

No fret! We have compiled some great tips that could inspire you in your marketing strategies:

  • The power of hashtags. You can try to participate in some daily or weekly hashtags such as #ootd or #tbt to be active in the online community. This also adds up to posting regularly which can make people see that you really like to engage. A lot people join in these events and they would more likely get familiar with your brand.idea2
  • Pin it! Try to share your images about your business for people to see. For example, if you"re a local restaurant, try to post visually appealing food that you have. Infographics are a big hit now so, you might want to invest in that, too.
  • Spy a bit. Facebook has a feature called Pages to Watch which can give you some insight on the popular pages in your industry. Check out your competition and see what makes their most shared posts interesting.
  • Paint a mural. If there is an available space in your community where you can paint a mural, grab the opportunity to showcase your brand. People would see your mural and get more familiar about your business.
  • Contests. People love to join contests knowing that they"ll win something free of charge. Photo contests are a great way to create some engagement and you can even get the chance to obtain user generated content. You can also do some caption contests. Just post a photo then label it with “Caption This" and you would be thrilled by the amount of comments you will receive. For an additional boost, you could add a hashtag for your contest.idea3
  • Let the people vote. This is a good way to get some genuine data about what people really care for. Try to create some poll questions that are related to your business and people"s concerns.
  • ┬áInfographics. As we mentioned before, infographics are a big hit now. People love read visual content which is more interesting than regular text. There are different types of infographics that you could do such as informative, quirky and so on. You can do it on your own or you could go to websites that have free templates you could use.
  • Videos. You can do short video blog to catch people"s attention. You could try to demonstrate what you do or you could try to tell a story about your business.
  • Curate quality content. You can try to share quality content from others to increase traffic. Never forget to give credit though. You don"t want to be accused of plagiarism.

Want more tips on curating content? Check the video below:

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