7 Awesome Tips For Designing A Logo


When you"re starting you"re own business, you need to have something that could represent your company and make you different from the rest. This is when logo design comes to scene to provide a unique quality to a business or service.

Logo design is a piece of cake. Well, that"s what most people would say but, it"s not that simple. In creating a logo design, there are some factors that you need to consider in order to make it presentable and worthy of being your brand.

Here are some awesome tips to get you started:

Avoid clichés and be unique. You need to come up with a logo design that is unique for you to completely stand out. Avoid imitating other brands as it will just create confusion. Instead, try to go for something that you think is different than others. Another idea is to use unexpected icons to represent your business. For instance, Apple didn"t use a computer icon to represent their company.


The color theory.

Understand what your brand is about. Try to note down the qualities that your brand should have. The personality of your brand will be influenced by these following factors: your target market, what you"re offering and art style. Are you going for a more contemporary look? Or do you want something fun? You also need to make sure that your logo tells a meaningful story about your brand.

The power of color
. Different colors evoke different emotions. Bright colors tend to translate an active and positive feeling. Darker colors seem to give out a sophisticated and serious feeling. If you find yourself confuse in what color really works for you, you could check the psychology of color to know which color reflects your brand appropriately.

Name it. Logotypes are pretty popular because it easily represent a business just by using its name. You can use some free fonts to personalize your logotype. However, if your brand name is too common, you might need to add s symbol just to make it more unique.


Brainstorming can really help.

Simplicity is beauty. It"s a good idea to make your logo exquisite and eye-catching, but it can be useless when people find it hard to understand what it is. A simple logo design can be more flexible especially when it comes to applying in different kind of platforms such as business cards, t-shirts and so on. If you"re opting to do something simple, try to utilize negative space to create an interesting contrast.

Not an overnight success. The success of logo relies also with the success of your business. If you have gain sufficient reputation in what you do, your logo will more likely get the needed exposure as well. Be patient and do your best in handling your target market"s concerns.

Research. If you need some inspiration, you can check popular logos and analyze what made them effective and popular. There are also a lot of sites that offer free logos that you can work with but, they require a fee if you want a higher resolution. If you think, you can"t do it on your own, you could hire a designer or you could go to a crowdsourcing site which can give you different options to choose from.


Want to know more about the psychology of colors? Check the video below:

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